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Hey Pretty!

I'm soooo excited that you have decided to open this page, you were probably wondering "who could this Susan really be?"

LOL, well you're on the right page, and you'll learn a bit about me here 😊

My full name is Afun Susan Fehintola, - I'm Nigerian.

I'm another AWESOME girl like you, who is dedicated to everything she does. I'm a student of Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria, studying Nursing Science.
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Aside the studies, I love writing, I love photography, and I love art. I'm actually planning to take my love for photography to another level, I would probably launch a blog for it, but don't worry I will let you know when I do that.

I'm a very friendly and sociable person. I love learning, I love meeting new people.

I launched this blog by mid 2017 'just like that' because I wanted a means to connect with more girls, and inspire them in every way I could. Topics I love sharing about the most are: Self Love, Body Positivity, Building Confidence and Esteem, and putting an end to sexual harrassments.
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Few years ago in the past, I used to be a victim of some of those topics I stated above, like low confidence and self-esteem, I used to think I wasn't good enough, and related stuffs like that...BUT Now, growing up, I've learnt to love myself the way I am and for who I am, I've been able to build my self-esteem, and help myself become a better person, while developing on my future goals and ambitions...
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One major advice I'll love to share with you today is that you should understand that you are your own unique definition of Beauty, don't let anybody define you - not even your scars. Nobody is perfect be it in looks or anything, but what matters the most is your ability to accept yourself. Love yourself first and the world will follow. You are beautiful, You are smart, and you can be who you really want to be. Stay focused and love yourself!

I host a group on facebook for Teen and TWeen Girls. There you can connect with many other girls around the world, including myself. Join us Today! - World Of Girls πŸ’• (CLICK ON THE LINK TO JOIN US)

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