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Friday, 30 November 2018

NoMore App: The New & Better Way to Report Rape Cases in Nigeria.

Rape was defined as the penetration of the victim’s vagina, mouth or rectum without consent. 

Rape is gradually becoming a norm in many of our societies today, and we can’t tolerate it any longer!

NoMore App: report rape cases in nigeria
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The crimes of rape and sexual assault are among the most injurious that perpetrators can inflict on other individuals. These crimes are devastating, extending beyond the initial victimization to such consequences as unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, depression, sleep disorder, eating disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, self-harm, and even suicide.

Thanks to technology, there are now mobile apps for almost everything...including the new apps to prevent sexual assault, report rape cases, help victims, and to help bring the culprits to justice.

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Studies report that at least one in four college (university) ladies have been raped or have experienced an attempted rape. Studies also reveal that only a small percentage of rape cases are reported to law enforcement officials, just about 12%, - and 40% of victims delayed reporting (average delay = 11.3 months). It is worthy to note that failure to report rape will most likely limit needed medical and/or psychological care for victims after the sexual assault.
reasons why rape victims don't report sexual assaults
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NoMore App – soon to be launched across various Nigerian Universities.

mrs ireti bakare yusuf - founder of NoMore App
Mrs Ireti
Mrs Ireti Bakare-Yusuf is developing an application that can enable university students report rape cases. The name of the App is “NoMore” and it would soon be launched in the various universities across Nigeria to enable girls and women to report rape incidences and to help bring the culprits to face justice.

Mrs Ireti is the founder of Nigeria’s #NoMore movement which encourages victims of sexual abuse & rape to speak up against their abusers.

She believes that NoMore App would be a reliable and confidential means to report rape cases in various universities across Nigeria; since most victims are scared of speaking out because they know that many people wouldn’t want to believe their story.

Recently, there was the case of a university professor offering to upgrade the result of one of his students to grade B, in exchange for not one, two or three, but FIVE rounds of sex! The girl was smart enough to record one of their call conversations with him insisting and persuading her for what he wanted. Public reactions to that story give evidence of the systemic nature of sexual abuse in Nigerian educational institutions.

Mrs Ireti believes NoMore App would give survivors the chance to report the abuse (what happened), to allow them give out information about the perpetrator, and to support them. She says that enough is enough, as the rate of rape occurrences in Nigeria has become unbearable.

As it is now, apps that enable students to report rape cases are rare, so she believes the NoMore App would give rape victims a voice, and would give rape survivors the assurance that the universities would thoroughly investigate every sexual assault case.

The NoMore App is launching soon. For more updates about this app, follow the founder on Instagram/Twitter: @sisiogelagos ... #nomore is also on twitter as @nomore234ng

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