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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

15 Real & Important Relationships Goals - that you actually want!

What are your own relationship goals?

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Every day, when we go online we see a lot of #RelationshipGoals memes all over the social media – Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and the others. There’s so much hype that ‘relationship goals’ is all about posting some sweet cute couple pictures – which are mostly fake.

When some people simply want to draw others attention to their relationship, they post a really cute/sexy picture of themselves with their bf/gf with the hash tag ‘RelationshipGoals.’ And boom! There are a lot of likes and 'awww' comments.

The truth is that some of these #relationshipgoals  images look so cute but frankly most times they are over exaggerated. And it leaves some of us ‘wowed’ – “Aww, I want this kind of relationship.”

“From long dramatic declarations of love on an instagram picture to cuddling in positions that seem extremely uncomfortable, some relationships goals make me want to roll my eyes until forever.”
 – says Jessica Booth from Gurl 

The bitter truth is that most of all these #relationshipgoals pictures that get thousands of likes, comments and shares are not even authentic! Most of those couples do it just to gain attention and for internet fame. And they know within themselves that the way they appear as a couple on the internet is not how they really are to themselves – how petty! Then we see their pictures, what we think is “OMG! This is a perfect relationship.” Is there even any perfect relationship? What they post is the (unreal) relationship goals.

You can make your relationship look so perfect and amazing online, but that won’t make it the same way in reality. Those people make it look like Relationship Goals is not until you both take a picture of yourselves cuddling or kissing while watching a movie under the bright moon, or something like that. But there is so much more to that when we talk of Relationship Goals.

What are the real relationship goals you actually want in your life? Let your wish relationship goal(s) be all about facts and not mere fantasies. Let it be those goals that would lead to a long-term relationship, a relationship that would give you complete happiness and one that would inspire you.
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14 important and real relationships goals you actually want:

1. Having a guy who inspires you to be a better girl. This means, not just placing all your focus on the cute/handsome guy but also ensuring that he is able to also support your goals, and inspire you to be who you really should be.

2. Being more than just romantic partners. It’s not just all about all the kissing and romance…

3. Having someone you can trust with (at least almost) all your heart.  Can you trust him with your deepest secrets, and not be worried that one day it might leak out?

4. Lack of fear of a break up, even after a disagreement or quarrel. One important relationship goal is getting into a quarrel and realizing that that quarrel doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to break up. After being together for a while, you should be able to realize that little arguments every once in a while is normal and isn’t the end of your relationship.

5. Being each other’s bestie. You know each other inside out. There’s this saying that “love is friendship set on fire.” So set it on fire, and then that’s the real relationship goal!

6. Being able to get along with each other’s parents. A relationship goal is when you are able to stay alone with his mom/dad and relate with them without fears. Some girls are in a relationship where none of his family knows you’re both dating – that’s no relationship goal.

7.  Being able to be you always – I mean the real you. He should be able to still see you as his super-model with or without makeup, even when you’re not putting on the most attractive dress.

8. Personal trust. Can you leave your phone lying around without a password? And can he do the same? This can be possible because you both know you aren’t hiding anything from each other. And not only that, but also because you both trust each other so much that you won’t even bother secretly going through his phone. Can you hear a message notification from his phone while he is not there, without having a huge urge to immediately check who is texting him? That’s a big relationship goal!

9. Being future-oriented. Are you both planning on taking the relationship to a higher level sooner or later? If you don’t have any plans, then what’s the purpose of your relationship? Temporary stuff?  Have long-term goals for your relationship, and not just by saying it, but also working towards them. Make the relationship last forever!

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10. Not feeling the need to text each other 24/7. Speaking of texting, you should want to get to the point in your relationship where you two don’t feel the need to be glued to your phone exclusively texting each other.

11. Being able to hang out with your own friends (both male & female) without him having to disturb with so many calls and messages, just wanting to know what you’re doing at every moment.

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12. Being able to act funny and weird around each other. You should be completely comfortable with being the real “you” around each other – not always trying to be the perfect dope girl.

13. Not feeling pressurized to write about how awesome your relationship is, because you don’t need to. There is nothing wrong in showing the world how you feel about bae. But it is very important that we understand that relationships are about two people, not about the attention two people can get by making others jealous.

14. For better, for worse. Relationship is not a bed of roses, there are always going to be challenges. Would your partner still stick with you when you’re in a worse health condition? Can he stick with you when things are not going well for you? Think well about it…

What other relationship goals do you feel are not in this post? Comment below, and let me know what you think about the relationship goals you actually want. :)

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