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Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Little Mix Confirm That The New 'Girl Power' Anthem Is Out, and Fans Already Love It!

Raye Writes The Lyrics of the new 'Girl Power' Album for Little Mix.

British singer Raye is all about female empowerment.

Without giving too much away, Raye, 20, was able to tease that the girl group’s next album will likely feature a female empowerment anthem, penned by yours truly.
Picture: Official Charts.

Speaking to for the launch of her campaign with Timberland to celebrate the golden era of 90s music, Raye said: ‘I have done a few [for their new album]. I’ve done one they really love that I think they’re going to use on the album so that’s good. ‘One is slightly more vocal in terms of they get to show off their voices a bit more, it’s got a bit of an R&B edge to it. It’s really lovely and special, I can’t wait for everyone to hear it. ‘It’s basically about being there for your girls which is about girl power.’ There can never be enough girl power in the world. If you’re not familiar with her name, Raye has likely provided the soundtrack to your summer. The musician has racked up over one billion streams thanks to a string of hits, such as Decline featuring Mr Eazi and By Your Side with Jonas Blue. And she’s not alone in her come-up.

Raye isn’t the only young British singer who has rocketed to success this year. Jorja Smith released her anticipated debut album to much critical-acclaim while Ella Mai has kept us Boo’d Up all summer, reaching number one with the smooth track. Raye’s good friend and collaborator Mabel is also on a winning streak while Stefflon Don continues to conquer the US. All young, all successful and, coincidentally, all women of colour. On their unprecedented, yet well-deserved, success, Raye said: ‘It feels amazing, especially because we’re all supporting each other and it’s lovely. ‘We’re all black women, we’re kind of killing it and it’s really exciting because when I first started making music, I was kind of intimidated that there might not be space for anybody like me on pop radio. It’s really exciting there’s a movement of young black women just absolutely killing it.’ Raye’s work ethic is certainly to be admired. The singer has teamed up with clothing brand Timberland, to release a remix of her hit single Decline, throwing it back to the 90s with a garage spin and an equally throwback music video.

raye, british singer - writes girl power anthem for little mix
RAYE....Picture: Timberland
Speaking of the collaboration, Raye explained: ‘I’m obsessed with garage at the moment and that was at the crossover point of being in the 90s, 2000s. ‘We just had a lot of fun and wanted it to look really effortless and very 90s. The way they shot it with the fish-eye lens looks really sick and the we got the car that bounces, the hydraulics. It looks really dope, I had a lot of fun making it and can’t wait to put it out.’ Raye is currently hard at work in the studio recording her debut album and has just finished supporting Halsey on her Hopeless Fountain Kingdom tour in the US, and they had an absolute ball. 

Recalling her time on the jaunt, Raye said: ‘We went out after a few of the shows, we’ve had a lot of fun. She’s an incredible artist and a big fan of my music, which is crazy because I love her a lot. We’ve had a lot of fun on tour and her fans are out of this world. 

As seen from: Metro UK


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