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Thursday, 13 September 2018


So you finally want to start your own personal blog; you probably heard about the word 'blog’ from someone or you stumbled across the term somewhere, and you love the whole idea, and you’ve been wondering “how can I really start my own blog?” or what it actually involves to create a personal blog. Not to worry, in this blog post, I would be sharing with you what you need to start your personal blog easily and how to do it step-by-step. So relax and read on…

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I would be sharing practically all I did that made me successfully open this blog. But first of all, you need to understand what a personal blog actually is:

What is a personal blog?

 A personal blog is a kind of blog where you basically write about anything. Yes! Anything! You get to share about yourself, your lifestyle, stuffs you love; share photos & videos about your experiences, and you get to interact with your readers. It is a blog created as a hobby and is different from a business blog. And as a result, you get the opportunity to meet and connect with different people who share the same interests as you, and even other people in the blogging world.

You love this whole blogging idea, don't you? Cool! Now let’s continue with “How to create your own personal blog.”
I would like to divide this post into 2 sections:

  • What you should consider before starting your blog
  • Step-by-step procedures: How to start your personal blog

2 Things you should consider before starting your blog: 

1. One important thing you should take note of is that blogging isn’t for everyone. It should be done out of passion – you don’t have to jump into blogging simply because you heard people are doing it. So if you truly love to have a personal blog and you’re not considering doing it only because somebody else is doing it, then that’s very good.

2. Blogging requires consistency. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to post everyday; once or twice a week is good enough. Many people who jumped into blogging have sadly abandoned their blogs (this is closely related to my point above, where I talked about ‘passion’ for it). If you don’t have passion about the whole thing, you can’t be consistent – and to run a successful blog, you MUST be consistent, especially in writing and posting blog posts.

Step-by-step procedures: How to start your personal blog the right way 

I guess you’ve been waiting for this. Well, without taking much of your time, let’s dive straight into the procedures:


First of all, think of the name you will love to give your blog. You may have it as your own name (e.g Mary Stacey’s Blog) or a phrase (e.g Life of Mary Stacey) or something else, just be creative and think of something that would attract readers to it.

If you need help with finding a suitable name for your blog, here are some blog name generators to help you:

Explore these domain name generators above, and I guarantee that you will be able to come up with the best name for your personal blog.


Now you’ve decided on your blog name/title, the next step is to choose where your blog would be hosted. There are so many hosting companies for blogs, and I’m going to recommend the best 4 which are most suitable for personal blogs:

i. WordPress: WordPress offers two varieties (paid version) and (free version). On, you have 100% full control over how your site looks and functions, and you can even make money from it. But the setup process is a little very complicated. So for a personal blog, you may use as it is much more easier to set up, customize and maintain – it just doesn’t provide full customization rights as the .org version.

ii. Blogger: I personally use this one for this blog – GirlieFix Blog, and this is because it is completely free to use, and very easy to understand, especially for someone who is not tech savvy. Although it is not complex to use and it is a good choice for newbie bloggers.

iii. Wix: Wix, as well is very free and easy to use. So all you need do is arrange the layouts, pick a template and you’re all set. You can either let the wix team create a site for you based on a questionnaire or build your blog yourself…

iv. Weebly: Weebly is another free blogging platform like Wix!
v. Tumblr: The interface of Tumblr is more playful than the other platforms listed above. It is simple, and has a more social media vibe.


A domain is a distinct subset of the Internet with addresses under them control of an individual or organization. Simply put, it would be the link that people can use to log on to your blog. For instance, the domain/URL of GirlieFix Blog is (This domain is a paid one). You can easily differentiate between a free domain and a paid domain by the words found in the URL of that blog. I used the free domain for this blog during the first few months after I started this blog, so my domain appeared as . The presence of .blogspot then was an evidence that I was using a free domain.
Don’t worry; using a free domain is not bad especially for personal blogs. You can start with it, and later get your paid domain. For a free wordpress domain, it would appear as – but when you purchase your domain, the .wordpress is removed, and is changed to

Do you want a paid domain? Then here’s how to get one for your personal blog:
If you want to begin with a free domain, then skip this sub-heading and jump to the next. If not, read on…

Search for your domain in the website of your preferred domain registrar and if it is available, you would have to purchase it for your blog. Just as there are many hosting companies, there are also several domain registrars. But I’m going to recommend the best few ones I know of. Please note that the price of domains varies from the URL estensions or endings. Asides .com, we have .net, .biz, .edu, .info, .me among many others, but for a personal blog that you want, I recommend that you get a .com for your blog.
Below are my recommended domain registrars:
i. Godaddy. I use GoDaddy for this blog, and it is the world’s biggest domain registrar currently managing more than 75 million domains for 17 million customers around the globe. Log on to to buy yours ASAP.
ii. Namecheap. I also love NameCheap as it is very user-friendly and the prices are good. They also have a nice customer service.
iv. Google Domains

4. Get a blog theme or template

Now you have where your blog is hosted and you have the domain for your blog. Congratulations! The next step is to set up your blog. And one of the first things to do is to get a blog template. Also, there are the default blog templates, free installable blog templates, as well as the premium paid ones.

If you want to use blogger, wordpress or any of the others, you may decide to stick with any of their default templates, but if they don’t suit your taste, you would either have to search for free templates on the internet (there are lot of lovely ones out there) or buy a premium template which is usually classier. You may also tell a web designer to design a template personally for you.

For Wordpress, wpbeginner shared 59 best free wordpress blog themes for 2018
For Blogger, find free templates HERE or HERE.

5. Add widgets to your blog. 

To make things easier for yourself and your blog readers, you would need to add a couple of widgets to your blog. Such as the share buttons. The share buttons is very important and I strongly recommend that every blogger has it on his/her blog. Without having to copy and paste the url of a blog post, the share buttons make it easier for you and your audience to share your post to their preferable social media platform in one click.

I use addthis for the share buttons you see on this blog. Addthis also provides you with other widgets such as Follow Buttons, Link promotions, list building, and, related posts.

6. Tell your friends and family about your new personal blog.

Your first audience and blog readers would definitely have to be the people you know – your family and friends. Encourage them to start visiting it.

7. Create your first introductory post.

 And tell us who you are, and why you decided to blog. You don’t need to be formal, just use words you are free with. Don’t forget to share the introductory post on your social media platforms and with your friends, and encourage your readers to comment.

8. And that’s it! You’re now a blogger. Keep posting and enjoy this passion. So easy and straight-forward.

I would love to offer any help I can in creating your personal blog . If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop it in the comment box below and I’ll give you an answer ASAP.
You can also hire me to create and design a Blogger blog for you (something as beautiful as what you see in this blog) at an affordable price, send a message to my mail -

If you found this post helpful, kindly show some love by sharing! Sharing is caring๐Ÿ’œ

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