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Friday, 17 August 2018

20 Secret Things every Girl has done on her Period

Every month, we girls face enormous problems during our periods. From terrible mood swings to period pains, plus many other 😟

Take a look at the most common things that girls do during her periods. Just smile and admit them!πŸ˜‰

1. You feel horrible and gross when you wake in the morning...especially when you feel soaked, or worse even, when you're stained.

2. Making a pad from just toilet paper since you urgently need one and there is none left at home.

3. You checked the toilet after you pee and been shook by how much blood is in there.

4. You wear double pants to reduce the damage caused by any possible stain

5. You decide to wear BLACK pants, trousers, if possible all-black throughout the 4/5/6 days of your period because you don't want any stain to be obvious.

6.Hidden your pad up your sleeve/pocket/bra while you walk to the toilet at school to change.

7. Asked your bestie to check your butt for leakage. Tends to happen more frequently when your crush is around.

8. Woken up in the morning and discovered that you totally stuck your pad too far forward or too far back. RIP your knickers, pjs and bed sheets.

9. Flushed a toilet multiple times because little streaks of blood were still in the water.

10. You sneeze or laugh, then you feel something like jelly (which is blood clot) drop out slowly to your pad.

11. Sat and wondered if you've leaked or if your butt is just sweaty.

12. Crossed your legs while sitting down to try and stop the flow.

13. Pooed way more than normal; thanks to those notorious period shits.

14. Decided to stay indoor all day, even if you had somewhere not-so-important to go to.

15.  Sometimes secretly laid a cardigan or jacket on your sit down as protection against stains.

16. Wearing a jacket/shirt on your waist so you won't have to bother much about anyone noticing a stain.
From: WikiHow

18. Told a guy you where "just not feeling fine" if he asked you why wheren't you at X place that day.

19. Double checked every chair after getting up just in case you leaked on it.

20. Felt slightly relieved when the blood starts going brown because the end must be near. Glory!!!😀

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