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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Winnie Harlow: “I’m proud of my skin.” – VITILIGO ISN’T A LIFE CHANGER!

This post is just to inspire you, to make you embrace your body no matter the way you seem to appear or your skin condition. Towards the middle of this post, I will emphasize more on the popular Canadian body-positive model – Winnie Harlow, who has long been known for embracing her skin condition. This is how she looks...


         Winnie Harlow once wrote: “The real difference isn’t my skin. It is the fact that I don’t find my beauty in the opinions of others. I’m beautiful because I know it…”
Though Winnie Harlow (Born as Chantelle Brown Young) had suffered a hard time in school, the other kids would tease her and call her “cow”, “zebra”, and other sorts of abusive names. She was really humiliated to the extent that she changed schools several times, and eventually dropped out of high school.
        Her life living with vitiligo, her fame and success in the modeling industry, and her life as a body-positive activist would be discussed in this same post.

Before we continue, just in case you don’t know what VITILIGO (vit-ill-EYE-go) is, below is what you should know.


1. Vitiligo is a non-contagious disease (that means, you can’t have it just by touching a vitiligo patient.
2. It is a disease in which many of the cell pigments of the skin are destroyed because its melanin is gone. (Note: Melanin is what gives your skin its characteristic color)
3. It is a lifelong condition in which white patches (without definite shape) grow in many areas of the skin.
important facts about vitiligo
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4. Vitiligo can affect anybody of any age or gender, and it affects all races equally, but is more noticeable in dark-skinned people.
5. Doctors have not really been able to discover the actual cause of vitiligo, but it is seen as an auto-immune disease.
6. In most cases, the discolored parts of the body remains discolored for the rest of the person’s life. As earlier stated – ‘It is a lifelong condition.’
7. Vitiligo has genetic components as the condition tends to run in families (that means, vitiligo is hereditary)
8. Vitiligo isn’t painful and doesn’t have any significant health consequences; however, it can have psychological and emotional effects on a sufferer.
9. Presently, there is no known way to prevent or cure vitiligo. But the use of certain medical creams (which sometimes can cause negative and unwanted side effects), the application of makeup or dyes to cover the light skin patches can improve your appearance.
       So that is it for the “9 IMPORTANT FACTS ABOUT VITILIGO”.  I believe you now understand enough about this skin condition.
And now, back to the first image on this post. I already started talking about her (Winnie Harlow).
Winnie is one of the many sufferers of vitiligo and hers is very prominent. Despite this, she is still comfortable and proud of her body!

More about Winnie Harlow…
       Winnie was born July 27, 1884 as Chantelle Brown-Young in Toronto, Canada. She is a 23-year-old fashion and body positive model, a spokesperson and an activist. She was diagnosed with vitiligo at age 4. She dropped out of high-school because she faced a hard time as a result of the humiliations and insults she got from other kids at school because of her skin condition.
Image result for winnie harlow images   
       Winnie rose to fame after appearing as a contestant on the twenty-first cycle of the U.S. Television series America’s Next Top Model with the prominent appearance of vitiligo. She was first noticed on Instagram by Tyra Banks and was picked by him to be one of the 14 finalists.
Tyra Banks once said on the show – “Her skin breaks down barriers of what is considered beautiful…”
      Winnie has graced the front cover of many glossy magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Glamour. She has modeled for fashion magazines like i-D and Dazed. She has also been featured on Vogue Italia’s website and the fashion website

     Winnie Harlow refused to have any surgical operation on her skin and also refused to use make-up to cover her skin condition. (Wow! Such great courage.) Not many people can do that. She has grown to be proud of her body and very confident in it!
Winnie rose away from suicidal thoughts to a one of America’s top model.
winnie harlow slays on her skin

Message to you: 
Leave anybody to say whatever they want to. Don’t be humiliated! Be proud of yourself, be confident in your skin and body. love yourself over your flaws. Change your way of thinking. You are beautiful in your scars! Be the best you and shine on!

Generally, we should stop every form of discrimination against vitiligo patients. They are normal human beings like you, they have the same type of skeleton under the skin and brain like you do. Play your part from today!

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