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Thursday, 12 October 2017


       Never let a man or a woman, your friends, anyone or anything pressurize you into pre-marital sex. Don’t say this is old-school, it absolutely isn’t!
Pre-marital sex itself is a sin – a sin against your own body, and a great sin unto God, the creator. 

 They might say sex is sweet; but I tell you and people have confirmed that sex is better enjoyed after marriage – mostly because you would have nothing to fear or worry about. In the case of pre-marital sex, you have a lot to worry about and most times you would want it to be kept a secret.

“What if we get caught?” “What if I get pregnant?” “What will my parents’ reaction be if they discover I had sex?” “Am I ready for pregnancies?” “What if he leaves me after I get pregnant?” “What if he has some sexually transmittable infections?” “What if… what if…?


You shouldn’t continue in a relationship with any guy that pressurizes you into pre-marital sex! Never! Please, stay chaste! If you’re already in a relationship, let your boyfriend know your standards and be sure to stick to it. Most young girls and young ladies who have engaged in pre-marital sex are now regretting – they might not show it; but the truth is that, deep down they are hurting.

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      Waiting till marriage would even give you a sense of inner pride to your future in-laws, your husbands, and even other men! A lady’s virginity is her pride! Treat your body with respect and you’ll get your deserved respect from men. Imagine a scenario like this:
Jane dated Jeff for about 5 months, and during that period of their relationship, they engaged in series of pre-marital sex. They eventually had a breakup all because of trust issues. Good and fine – they used condoms and so Jane was lucky to escape getting pregnant. They broke up and also stopped talking to each other.
One day, Jane was having an argument with a guy and suddenly, he surprisingly tackled her by saying “You cheap whore, what do you know? You have slept with almost all the guys on campus including Jeff, isn’t that all you can do bitch?” – Meanwhile, Jeff was the only guy that she did it with.
 How did this guy know about it? Do you think any guy would keep such thing from his friends? Let me tell you something you might not know, most guys see sex as an achievement. Many of them would brag about the number of different girls they have had sex with and the type of hot, beautiful ladies they did it with and could even describe how it all happened to their friends.

      Don’t be deceived by his sweet words, don’t be deceived by empty promise(s)… many of them would even promise you marriage. If you give the opportunity to the wrong guy, he possibly would use it to take advantage of you.

 Know this: A Guy would do anything just to have sex with you – like saying sweet but deceitful words, spending a lot on you, visiting you regularly, regularly calling you, and you could mistake all this deceit for true love. 
Image result for sexual purity and chastity images      Hey girlie!, don’t be fooled. Sex doesn’t mean love! Tell him to wait till after marriage. Because love is patient, love would wait! And if he doesn’t respect your opinion and can’t wait, then the bitter truth is that he doesn’t truly love. If he truly loves you, he would wait till after marriage .  After all, I believe you aren’t dating for fun, but for something serious ahead (say marriage!) A real man that claims to love you would also respect your opinions. Does he love you because he really does and wants to keep you? Or he loves you just because you have an attractive body or face, or just because he wants something from you – your virginity?

This doesn’t clearly state that it is 100% wrong to have a boyfriend (though I believe you should wait till a stage you believe strongly that you’re now psychologically and emotionally mature enough for all the things attached to dating) But hold on, why are you dating? Do you have any reasons or you’re simply dating for the fun of it or because all your peers have boyfriends? Date with a purpose! Don’t date blindly!

You have a future ahead and a destiny to protect! Pre-marital sex has destroyed some destinies, ruining their bright futures. How can pre-marital sex ruin a girls’s future? – you may ask.
Here are stories that have actually occured:
Girl A:  She got pregnant. The guy denied the pregnancy and ran away! Out of guilt and fear of what her parents and what others would say, she committed suicide! – Extremely bad!
Girl B:  She got pregnant, while in school. She is from a christain home and her parent would never allow her have an abortion because it is a sin. She had to drop-out of school for over a year to cope with the pregnancy and to avoid public ridicule – She now has to repeat all the classes she missed during that time – such a delay!
Girl C:  She had pre-marital sex unknowing to her, the guy had AIDS, she contacted this deadly disease… Now she’s struggling with her health and well-being.
     Stand out! Just because it feels like almost half the whole world are involved in pre-marital sex, doesn’t mean you should join the world. I said earlier, many would eventually regret it! Shut your ears to what people say about you keeping your virginity. Let them make all the noise they want. You stay chaste and sexually pure till marriage; keep your virginity for the man for you.

       Also, don’t sell your body cheaply to any man. Your virginity is worth more than millions of dollars, it is more valuable to you than Gold or silver. Don’t be deceived when people say virginity is nothing but a word…there is much more to it. One’s virginity is worth a lot and should not just be given to just any man but the right one. Be wise and choose right!

      It might be a little challenging but it is not all that hard. It is very possible to stay sexually pure till marriage. If you’re determined to hold on, you can and you would sis! Of course, everyone would definitely experience the temptations of pre-marital sex. But yeah! You can overcome it if you are determined.

     Don’t think about what you will enjoy now and most likely suffer tomorrow, rather bear the ridicule from “so-called” friends today and enjoy the pride of a honorable tomorrow.
Beware: Friends who pressurize you or push you into pre-marital sex aren’t your true friends. Sad to say, but if you would want to remain sexually pure, you have to stay away from them and move on with new friendswho respect their virginity.
Ignore those who say being a virginity is old school. Don’t let them drag you into the same mess they’ve put theirselves into.

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    In conclusion, waiting till marriage, is one of the most rewarding thing a lady can ever do. Your man would respect you and honor you for your commitment into waiting. Be patient! Your man will come in due time – the one who would truly love you for you, the one who wouldn’t use and dump you is somewhere out there. But for now, you should focus more on your studies, focus on your career, and on your bright future.

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