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Monday, 23 October 2017


      As one reaches the stage of puberty, sexual desires become stronger. As a result, one might be tempted to masturbate. 
*Don’t confuse masturbation with involuntary sexual arousal.* For example; some girls might find that they are stimulated unintentionally, particularly just before or after their menstrual period. In contrast, masturbation involves deliberate sexual stimulation.

    Many would say that masturbation isn’t a big deal. “No one gets hurt…” they argue. However, there are good reasons to avoid the practice. 

Here are six (6) facts you need to know about masturbation:
1. Masturbation doesn’t deaden sexual appetite but fuels it!
2. Masturbation instills attitudes that are totally self-centered!
3. Masturbation causes one to view those of the opposite sex as mere tools just for sexual pleasure.
4. Masturbation can make you ‘a slave’ to various unhealthy desires and pleasures.  
5. In the long run, masturbation can make satisfying sexual relations in marriage very difficult to achieve! 
Masturbation is bad! It is a sin to God

  • What you are to do – STRIVE TO CULTIVATE SELF-CONTROL!

To do this, I recommend that you try as much as possible to avoid circumstances that can arouse you sexually in the first place.

  • What if you’ve been enslaved to the habit of masturbation? What if you’ve tried to stop but without success?

It would be easy to conclude that you’re a lost cause. I advice you take courage. Don’t be hopeless. Don’t plague yourself with guilt and don’t be discouraged. Many young people and even adults have successfully overcome the habit of masturbation. You can too! I advise you to strive harder to avoid circumstances that can arouse you sexually and make you want to masturbate. In addition to this, pray to God for help. He will give you the strength and all the help you need to stay away from masturbation.
Resist the urge and don’t give up on your fight!


1. Do you watch movies/TV programs or visit websites that are sexually stimulating? 
You know the answer already. If your conscience tells you it is a ‘yes’ to this question, then I strongly recommend that you analyze how you entertain yourself and FLEE from them! Yes that’s right, don’t just avoid – flee from them! 
If you have sexually stimulating videos or images on your phone, delete them! Never open a porn site. In short, avoid everything that arouses you sexually and can lead to masturbation.
Note: Only a real and strong girl/woman can display self-control even when in private.

2. Do you easily get bored and then get tempted to masturbate even after trying to stop the act?
Yes? Then, this time, the best thing you should do is: STRONGLY FOCUS YOUR MIND ON SOMETHING ELSE; like school, work, your bright future, your academics, your exams, or anything else that can’t arouse you sexually.
A Christian named William advises: “Before going to bed, read something related to spiritual things. It is very important that the last thought of the day be a spiritual one.”

3. Try talking to someone about the problem. Get a good confidant. Don’t be ashamed or shy. It might seem difficult to open up this matter to anyone, but trust me – it can really help to overcome this nasty habit of masturbation.

4. When the feeling/urge to masturbate starts coming, without any delay just start praying to God to give you “power beyond what is normal” to overcome the temptation. Don’t let it get strong before you pray! 
As I said earlier, God would give you the strength to overcome masturbation if only you open your mouth and pray for help.

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CONCLUSION: Masturbation is BAD!!!

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