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Thursday, 12 October 2017


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      So, you changed your school, And you’ve left all the friends you’ve made over the years. It seems scary, you’re scared you’ll have to start from the scratch to make new friends in this new school.
 Don’t worry, I’ve been through this kind of situation and so has several other people been. It may seem kinda hard at first, but trust me if you do the simple things right, you’ll move on well and make new friends.
      Many times, people are left with no choice than to “change” – change schools, probably because you’ve changed location and moved to a new city or even country. They say “Change is constant” I, personally, have encountered this issue of change in location – I moved over to an entirely different city where I knew nobody and everything seemed totally different there.
     Not to talk too much about me (winks*), I’ve worked out some tips for making friends. I applied this when I faced this issue and they worked! So I’m going to share them with you in this post:

1. Learn: It is very possible that the way some things were done in your former school would be different from the way they are done in your new school. I’ll say BE ATTENTIVE while you learn! Watch and learn during your first days/weeks in your new school. This will help you to adjust easily to the new system.

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2. Talk to new people: When you first move to a new place, every new person you meet is a stranger. So definitely, if you want to make a new friend /friends, they first will be strangers. Most people are not comfortable with strangers – it’s a common thing. But in order to make new friends, you have to open up and talk. But you have to be a little cautious of who you are going to talk to – so you don’t make bad friends. Read this post on how to choose good friends. Some people may say “But I am not good at starting conversations.” That’s okay. But starting conversations isn’t all that hard as it may appear. All you have to do is practice. Yeah! You’re going to have to start practicing talking to strangers.

3. Be yourself: Nobody likes fake people. As soon as you get into school, be you! Let the new people you meet, like you for “you” – does that sink.LOL? You’ll definitely meet people that like that “you” Trying to be like someone else wouldn’t help because sooner or later, the real you would be forced out unconsciously, and people would be like “Could this really be you?.”  Don’t change your way of life for any reason. Let people like you for who you really are, don’t worry they’ll get used to you.

4. Be friendly and nice: Appear friendly – you can start by smiling genuinely. Keeping a long face or a frown would chase people from you because you don’t appear to be friendly. Also give compliments to your acquaintances. And, there’s nothing wrong in buying a drink or snack for your new friend during a lunch break – it’s one of the many ways that shows you’re a nice person. This would help in building solid relationships that will last.

5. Listen attentively to them: once you’ve met new people, listen properly to them. Grab the details about them – their names, their departments, their interests, their passions. People enjoy talking to people that want to listen to them, and of course show that you’re following the conversation.

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6. Get contact info from acquaintances: after you’ve started talking with that person, it is very useful to get their contact info so as to keep the communication and friendship going. You could say something like “hey do you use facebook, can I add you up?.” You can as well as ask for their telephone numbers, but beware some people may read meaning to that. But I think starting with the social media would be a plain and easier way to keep new friends, later you can get their telephone numbers.

7. Hang out: This is very important in making friends. You don’t have to lock yourself indoors all the time. There’s a school event happening soon in school? Turn up! It would be a great opportunity to meet new people. 

And most importantly,
8. Accept that you may be rejected by some: it happens a lot! You would meet someone or some people that just for no apparent reason want to be friends with you or even talk to you – don’t take this personally. Some people may have personal reasons for being unfriendly, what I’ll advice you to do is keep trying, not only with that one person but with different people. Everyone has the right to decide who she wants to talk to, you don’t have the right over anyone’s time. Remember that not everyone is social (it’s a matter of choice). As  I stated earlier, just remain nice and friendlynand trust me very soon they’ll get to like you soon. Read this post to know how to make people like you.

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