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Wednesday, 18 October 2017


     A young Nigerian girl, Slimzy jay (Real names: Jero Loveth) reportedly committed suicide some days ago by drinking sniper (a rat poison) after her boyfriend, Ro Se broke up with her. This sad news has really gone viral!
The young girl drank a rat poison after her boyfriend broke up with her
Slimzy jay(Jero Loveth)
     It was initially rumored that Slimzy allegedly discovered that she was pregnant, and told her boyfriend Ro Se who after that broke up with her; and because she couldn’t take the blame of being pregnant at her age, she committed suicide. 
     Another rumor later came up that she was faking her death to be famous as there were screenshots of a purported chat that shows her admitting to have faked it.
     Her sister, Jero Franca was later reached out to and she confirmed that Loveth actually committed suicide but it wasn’t because her boyfriend broke up with her. She took to her Facebook timeline that she committed suicide because she was “depressed and lonely.” She also debunked claims that she was pregnant before her death.
     She was eventually buried amidst tears by her friends and family members on October 14 2017 at Warri, Delta state, Nigeria. 
May her soul rest in peace.
15-year-old girl who committed suicide has been buried!
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