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Thursday, 14 September 2017


female ecercising

 It is very gainful to regularly exercise your body. 

     Here are 11 top reasons why “getting in shape” or “staying in shape” is important:
1. Regularly exercising your body is even more effective than dieting in weight loss or weight management. Do you want to lose some weight or maintain your present weight? – then you should start exercising.

2. Exercising helps you burn more calories/body fat, and increases your metabolism rate. The more often you exercise, the more your body metabolism is boosted.

3. Exercising is a very effective way of eliminating back pain and most forms of body pains/aches.

4. Exercises help to strengthen your bones and your entire body.

5. Exercising also has amazing psychological benefits, such as reducing anxiety and depression; and keeps your mind off worries. 
So when next you’re feeling depressed, why not try out a simple exercise like jogging or just walking around?

6. Exercising improves your body posture and stamina.

7. Exercising aids better sleep. People who exercise regularly finds it easier to sleep well and longer.

8. Exercising improves your confidence and self-esteem as you will appear better and remain in good shape.
girls should exercise

9. Exercising is actually fun and can be very enjoyable, especially when done with friends.

10. Exercising can help reduce high blood pressure and also prevent it.

11. Exercising increases lifespan. People who exercise regularly tend to live longer in good health. 

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