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Thursday, 10 August 2017


All women are priceless

We are irreplaceable. We are very special. We are priceless!
Only a woman would do these things for her family and society.
Read on...

1. A woman leaves her family.

2. A woman moves in permanently with a man (her husband).

3. A woman builds a home with her husband.

4. A woman gets pregnant for a man.

5. A woman carries the baby for 9 months, bearing the pain alone.

6. While in pregnancy, her body changes, and she has to bear those changes.

7. She will most likely get fat during pregnancy.

8. She bears the 'undecidable decision' between life and death during child labour.

9. No matter what happens, she must "push hard" - she has no choice!

10. She bears the kids for her husband.

11. She is responsible for managing the house - only very few men can manage a house on their own.

12. She has lots of responsiblities that she alone has to handle; cooking, cleaning the house, taking care of her husband's parents, taking care of her husband, taking care of the kids, maintaining family relations, and a lot more...

     Women do these many times at the cost of her own health, hobbies, friends, and beauty!
So as ladies(and future women), we really do deserve a lot of appreciation from our families and societies.
We are priceless...we are special ones!

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