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Monday, 7 August 2017


sex in relationships ?

  “Helen has been seeing Mike for only 2 months, but she feels as if she’s known him forever. They text each other constantly, they talk for hours at a time on phone, and they can even finish each other’s sentences!
But now, as they sit in a parked car under the moonlight, Mike wants more than conversation. During the past 2 months, Mike and Helen has done nothing more than hold hands and briefly kiss. Helen doesn’t want to go further. But she doesn’t want to lose Mike either. No one makes her feel so beautiful, so special. “Besides”, she tells herself, “Mike and I are
in love…”

  You can probably guess where this scenario is heading. But what you may not realize is how dramatically sex would change things for Mike and Helen – and not for the better.
  Consider this: If you defy a physical law, such as the Law of gravity, you suffer the consequences. The same is true if you defy a moral law, such as the one that states: “Abstain from Fornication”.
  Fornication is sinning against your own body, some consequences of pre-marital sex includes: Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Unwanted pregnancies, just to mention a few. Still, you might be tempted. “Nothing will happen to me”, “After all, isn’t every one having sex? could reason.
 Your peers at school brag about their escapades, and they don’t seem to be hurting. Perhaps like Helen in the opening scenario, you can even feel that sex can make you and your boyfriend closer. Besides, who wants to be ridiculed for being a virgin? Isn’t it better to give in? Not so fast!
  First of all, not everyone is doing it. True, you may read statistics indicating that a large number of youths are having sex. E.g. a U.S. study revealed that by the time they finished high school, 2 out of 3 in that country are sexually active. But that also means that 1 out of 3 (a sizable number) are not. Now, what about those who are sexually active (I.e. already engaged in it)

2 major disadvantages of pre-marital sex  
will sex improve my relationship
Regrets and Distrust will come in

     1.   Both partners engaged in pre-marital sex - regret it afterwards…sooner or later.
     2.    There will be Distrust. After having sex, both partners begin to wonder, “Who else has he/she had sex with?”

  In addition to these, a number of boys had said that they would never marry a girl they had had sex with. Why? Because they prefer someone who is more chaste!
  Remember this; the reality of pre-marital sex is far different from what is shown in movies and on TV. The entertainment industry glamorizes pre-marital sex and makes it look harmless, fun or even true love. 
  But don’t be naïve! If a guy tries to coax you into sex by saying, “If you love me, you’ll do it”, firmly reply, “If you love me, you won’t ask!” 
  Then, if you do marry me one day, you can have sex. And you will be able to enjoy it fully, without the worries, regrets, and insecurities that are often the aftermath of pre-marital sex.

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