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Monday, 7 August 2017


say no to smoking cigarettes

   Cigarettes are produced from a crop known as Tobacco. A stimulant known as Nicotine is a very psychoactive active ingredient present in cigarettes.
   Cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals in them (and most of those chemicals are known to be very dangerous.) Tobacco has lead to several chronic illnesses in the life of many users, which could have been prevented by avoiding it - most tobacco smokers are
probably ignorant of this fact. 
   Smoking adds toxins to your body. Smoking cigarettes can be very addicting though (as a result of the nicotine present in it), so it is a good idea to stay completely away from it as much as you can. Tobacco is an agricultural plant, and sadly it has become one of the most abused crops in the world - Tobacco has mostly been used to produce cigarettes.
   The media deceives us all on the effects of tobacco - they advertise cigarettes using healthy people. Then, when we see the images or videos of “so-called users”, we think that tobacco has more benefits and no harmful effects. 
I will highlight the very possible harmful effects of tobacco in some body organs of its users:

1.       Mouth and Throat
cancerous larynx
A cancerous larynx

2.       Heart.

cancer of the heart
It hardens and narrows the arteries.
It starves the heart of oxygen.
And increases the risk of heart disease by up to 4 times.

3.       Lungs

cancer of the lungs
X-ray image of the lungs of a smoker

It destroys air sacs.
It inflames airways.
It increases the risk of developing lung cancer by up to 23 times.

4.       Brain

cancer of the brain
Cancerous brain
It also increases the risk of stroke by up to 4 times.

5.       Skin

smoking causes premature ageing
It causes pre mature ageing of the skin


6.       Teeth

smoking causes discoloration of teeth
It causes discoloration of the teeth.

7.       Kidney

cancer of the kidney
The kidney of a smoker

8.       Stomach


9.   Bladder

bladder cancer image

Take a look at the healthy people portrayed in cigarette adverts, then compare those images  with the actual smokers and these images of their internal organs.

   Most importantly, remember...

smoking is bad for your health


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