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Wednesday, 9 August 2017


short cute girl

You should read this post…especially if you worry about being “the short girl”. This one is meant just for you. Do you ever bother about being short?
Do you ever look at yourself, and you’re like: “Jeez, I’m just so short!”
…or any of such statements pertaining to your height?
Here’s the bright side of being a short girl, that you probably don’t know about.

Check out >>> 10 cool advantages of being a t all girl (if you're a tall girl! 🙌 )

1. Heels were basically made for you. So, you can enjoy wearing heels...and you'll definitely look stunning on it!

2. You can save money that you might have spent on getting new clothes. Your old clothes can still be worn, as you’ve not outgrown them.

3. Short girls and tall guys are the perfect match! You form a cute couple together.💕

4. Fore-head kisses are more romantic. Aren’t they? You know – very very…😉

5. When you're in a bus, you'll definitely find enough space for your legs. Tall girls with long legs might not find it easy to make their legs comfortable - especially in a full or small bus. But you won't have to bother about leg space.

6. You can sleep comfortably in any kind of bed. No need to worry about long legs. Tall girls need very long beds.

7. You don't have to worry about being taller than your crush. Not at all! You'll easily find a perfect size for yourself, whether you prefer average-heighted guys or the very tall guys!

8. You are small enough to be piggy-backed. Yes, your boyfriend will find it easier to lift or carry you. 😉 

9. You seem younger than you actually are. This will be a great advantage when you grow much older.

10. Short girls are always cute. Most guys will testify to that. So, you’re cute, okay? 

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