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Wednesday, 9 August 2017


months of the year calendar

Hello there! Do you know what your birth month says about you and your personality? 
You should check yours now. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

 What your birth month says about you!!!


january month

You are analytic and charismatic. You were born to be a leader. You are ambitious. You are sometimes stubborn. You are smart and organized. You are very sensitive, and you pay close attention to details. You are very loving and loving in relationships, though you get jealous easily. You are quiet unless when tensed or excited.


february month

You are attractive. You are free-spirited. You are intelligent, talented and ambitious. You hate lies. You get angry easily, and you find it hard to hide the expression of it. You don’t joke with you rest and food. You care a lot, and some people can easily take your kindness for granted. Your relationship means all to you. You get hurt easily.


march month

You get moody easily. You tend to be introverted and quiet. You find it difficult to save, because you find yourself spending a lot on outings and in the mall. You always want to go for quality things. You love to dream and fantasize. You are very sensitive, observant, and trustworthy. You never open up to people, unless they are very close to you. You are also lovable and friendly. You are very selective in choosing friends.

april traits

You are strong, fearless and ambitious. You have good leadership skills, though sometimes you act bossy. You are very good at motivating others. You have an attractive personality and a good heart. You are more romantic inside than outside. You value your family and friends the most. You have lots of secret crushes, and you also have lots of secret admirers.


may month image
You are high-spirited and restless. You have very deep feelings. You love to dream and fantasize. You are cautious while choosing a partner in a relationship; you don’t want anybody to hurt you because you have a very delicate heart. You are physically attractive, and so you have lots of suitors. You can be very stubborn and naughty. You don’t have so many friends, but you value the few ones you have.


june month image
You are very caring and romantic. You love watching romance movies, and reading love books. You dream a lot and have lots of fantasies. You are easily hurt, and it takes time for you to recover from them. You have an active mind filled with lots of creative ideas. You are very friendly and humorous. You are born to be a CEO one day. You think and plan ahead for the future.

july month imageYou’re in between being Extroverted and Introverted. You are unpredictable. You try to hide away your feelings and fears. Falling in love is serious business to you. You enjoy making new friends. You are always beautiful, with or without make-up. You are very loving and lovable. You are very emotional and temperamental. You’re friendly, honest, smart and sensitive. You’re fun to be with, though you’re prone to depression and mood-swings.

august month of the year
You’re well-rounded. You hate being broke. You love money. You value relationships and friendships. You are never tired of making new friends. You love travelling and adventuring. You are attractive and caring. You have leadership qualities. You get angered only when provoked. You are a very fast thinker. You’re very much in love with either arts or music.


September month image

You are very careful and organized. You like to criticize a lot, you’re very clever. You’re trustworthy and loyal. You are caring, and a good wife material. You have a very good memory. You are very confident in yourself, sometimes you act proud. You are very sociable and friendly. You are very loving and lovable. You are very observant about people’s appearances. You are revengeful.


October image

You can be very annoying, though you have a nice heart. You are easily consoled. You have the potential to be a well-known leader in your field. You love chatting a lot; you can spend hours with your phone. You easily get jealous. You’re easily hurt, but you can recover easily. You’re loyal also. You love little children and you enjoy their presence. You’re a day-dreamer. You so much hate public embarrassments. You have a reputation, and you can do anything to protect it.

november month image

You’re very loving, though you’re not so good at expressing your feelings. Sometimes, you’re shy. You love to be loved. You’re brilliant, logical and inquisitive. You have a good heart and you have deep feelings. You love with all your heart. You’re psychic and sometimes difficult to be understood. You are hardworking and creative. You don’t have so many friends. You’re very honest, and you hate being lied to.


December month image

You are a money-spender, you’re very generous. You love to socialize. You love attention. You take high pride in yourself. You’re short-tempered. You hate restrictions. You’re loyal and friendly. You are very humorous. You have allergies. You love sweet things. Sometimes you are messy. You are smart and ambitious. You’re very cool and fun to be with; and also very naughty.

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