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Thursday, 3 August 2017


victim of rape
   “He  grabbed  me  with  his  powerful  hands  and  threw  me  down  before  I  knew  what  was  happening.  I    tried  everything  I  could  to  release  myself  from  his  strong  grip.  I  tried  to  kick,  scratch,  punch  and  push  him  but  it  happened  to  be  futile.  I  then  tried  to  scream  loud,  and  that  was

when  I  felt  a  knife  pierce deep  into my  skin…”  –  said  Linda.

   Sexual abuse or Rape is very rampant these days. Females of any age can fall victim (kids, adolescents, and even older adults); though the younger ones are the major target. The assaulters could be strangers, neighbors, and could also be a close relative.
   The abuse of young girls and women sexually is nothing new. Whether you’re beautiful or not, sexy or not, anybody can fall prey to sexual predators. Though, you can’t be guaranteed your safety by any means or precaution. There are some basic things you can do to reduce the risk and protect yourself.

  Consider the following tips:

scared lady     1.     Be alert. Keep your eyes and  ears active. If you’re walking on the road, know what is happening behind of you, ahead of you,  and on both sides. Be sure that nobody has been following you.

     2.     Don’t walk alone to areas known to be dangerous – especially at night, such as places known to be occupied by thugs and guys that smoke or use hard drugs. You might not know who will lust after you at that moment when you pass.

sexually provocative dressing   
      3.    Avoid dressing provocatively. Provocative dressing drags more attention to your body as a female. So if you dress in  a provocative way and a   bad guy notices you, he is capable of having side-thoughts on how he can get hold of you and do nasty things with you.
   The point is: avoid dresses that reveal so much of your body so as to remain safe. Many girls and ladies are responsible for their being sexually abused - the result of their provocative mode of dressing.

     4.     Avoid flirting a lot with males, even if you feel you’re close enough. Don'f flirt with your words or your actions. You don't have to give 'pet names' to every guy. Flirting could be an attractive sign to males. So watch the way you relate with males, and avoid flirting!

      5.     If you’re dating, discuss with your boyfriend what conduct is acceptable and that which isn’t. Don’t hold back out of fear that you’ll lose him. If he breaks up with you over this issue, he’s not worth keeping. After all, you deserve a man who respects you and your body.

     6.     Be cautious while online. Never give out your personal information to strangers online. 
     If you receive a sexually explicit message, usually the best reply is no reply.

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