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Wednesday, 9 August 2017


unhappy girl with her parents

Trust is like money. Earning it is hard, losing it is easy; and no matter how much you’re given, it may never seem enough.

“Whenever I want to go out, my parents bombard me with a lot of questions. I know they are my parents, but it irritates me when they questions me like that!” says Rose.
The issue of trust can be a source of considerable tension between youths and parents. Is that true in your family? If so, how can you earn greater trust from your parents? And if you’ve lost their trust because of someS unwise actions on your part, what can you do to repair the damage?

Prove yourself trustworthy. 
The degree to which you’re accorded freedom often matches the degree to which you prove yourself trustworthy. Not that you have to be perfect. After all, everyone makes mistakes. Overall, though, does your pattern of behavior give your parents reason to withhold their trust? Ask yourself, ‘What kind of track records do I have when it comes to being up front with my parents about my whereabouts and activities?” Also, you should be open to your parents.

Regaining Trust
What if, your actions have contributed to your parents’ lack of trust? Even if that’s the case, be assured that you can turn the tide. But how?
Likely, your parents will accord you greater trust and freedom as you build up a record of responsible behavior. Rather than complain about your parents’ lack of trust in you, focus on building up a record of trustworthy behavior. Why not make a personal resolve to prove yourself trustworthy? You will likely earn more freedom. Put away the old personality which conforms to your former course of conduct. Be obedient to your parents in everything. In time, your advancement will be manifest to others, including your parents.

BUT, what if you feel that despite your best efforts, your parents aren’t giving you the freedom you deserve? Why not talk over the matter with them? Instead of complaining that they need to become more trusting, respectfully ask them what they think you need to do to earn their trust. Explain clearly your goals clearly in this regard. No doubt, they’ll want to make sure that you’ll make good on your promises. Use this opportunity to prove yourself trustworthy. In time, your parents may accord you greater trust and freedom!

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