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Wednesday, 9 August 2017


a lady with a rough face

Pimples result when excess oil gets trapped with bacteria in the skin pores. It often swells up and gets filled with pus. Though most pimples are not often critical, it can make you feel miserable due to your appearance.

As young people, we sometimes get certain inflammations on our chest, back, ears, and most commonly our faces. It forms tiny white heads of pus or blackheads of dirt.

What you should do…

  • (For facial pimples) Wash your face at least twice a day with soap and warm water. This helps to remove dirt and wash away excess oil in the skin.
  • Sunshine helps clear pimples. Let the sunlight fall on the them often, and they will gradually clear off.
  • Avoid placing or rubbing your hands on it. The hands carry bacteria which is a cause of pimples.
  • Never burst or press out the pus in pimples. They will only irritate the skin and could lead to infections, yielding scars and the formation of additional pimples.
  • Eat properly, drink lots of water, and have enough rest. Not doing these can trigger the formation of pimples.

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