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Wednesday, 2 August 2017


stressed student at school
Realistically, everyone will experience stress at one time or the other. Stress could occur in different forms.
Common forms of stress are:

    1.  Peer-induced stress.
“In high school, kids have more freedom and they’re more rebellious. If you don’t join them, they’ll think you’re not cool.” – says Christina.
“I was pressured to go out with a boy. When I
refused, I was labeled a lesbian. And that was when I was just 14 years old.” – says Jennifer.
    Other instances like these are categorized as peer-induced form of school stress. Basically, it occurs when you have to make decisions concerning your relationship among your peers. This could cause a lot of worry and stress.

 2.     Teacher-induced stress.
“My teachers want me to excel and get the best grades possible, and I feel pressure to gain their approval.” – says Sandra.
“Even if you have worthwhile goals for your life for your life, some teachers make you feel like dirt if you don’t pursue the academic goals that they think you should.” – says Naomi.

  Our teachers/Lecturers can also cause a lot of stress to us, aside the assignments, projects, complicating exams, and all... they expect us to perform very well in all of them. While trying to satisfy them, we cause ourselves some stress - specifically when we don't do it the right way.

3.     Other stress factors.
Upcoming tests, Homework, Friends' expectations, Parents’ high expectations, living up to your own high-expectations, Bullying, Sexual harassment, and some others...are common sources of school stress.

school girls
4 Steps to lessen stress
  You really can’t make it through school without having to deal with many of the above stated forms of stress. 
  Yes, stress can be very oppressive – The way out is learning how to manage stress effectively. 
Just as lifting weights correctly can make you physically stronger, dealing with stress effectively can make you emotionally stronger.

Take the following steps to lessen stress effectively:
 1.  Identify the specific cause(s) of whatever stresses you.
 2.  Do research on how to eliminate these causes.
 3. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t delay in doing things that will prevent the stress. In the case of stress caused as a result of ongoing examinations, it is advisable to start preparing for subjects' exams long before they are about to commence.
 4.  Ask for help. You don’t have to carry all the burden and stress by yourself. Why not talk to a friend or older person concerning anything causing you stress for help or advice?

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