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Wednesday, 2 August 2017


couple in a happy relationship
A healthy relationship is based on Love, Trust, Honesty, Respect, Communication, and Companionship. πŸ’•πŸ’•

The following tips are secrets that will make your relationship a healthy one.πŸ’—

     1.     Give him his required space. No guy likes an excessively clingy girl. So respect
his privacy and give him some freedom. Don’t constantly watch all he does, don’t always ask who he is with, and don’t always want to go through his chats with other girls.

     2.     Never Cheat. This is very very wrong. No explanation, it is pretty obvious. Be loyal and faithful. If you’re tired of him or already loving someone else more than him, let him know so you both can decide on how to deal with it or decide to breakup. 

     3.     Be able to accept him completely if you love him. You can hardly change everything in your partner, traits or whatever. If you just can’t accept some traits or habits of your partner, then it’s time to think about whether he is the right person for you. But remember, nobody is perfect, so don’t be too caught up in his flaws, if they are mild.

     4.     Maintain your own identity. You don’t have to completely drop off your entire former life just because you don’t want to lose him. Maintain your sense of self, don’t abandon our old friends, and maintain your passions.

     5.     Never compare him with any of your exes (out loud or even in your head). Some girls do this when she gets mad at him, which is completely wrong! Also, avoid the “ex” conversation.

happy couple    6.     Be honest. We girls have the tendency of expecting guys to read our minds, but most times we end up getting disappointed. Say what you mean. If you want something, be specific and don’t stress yourself about saying it.

    7.     Don’t be boring. What law states that the talking is only for the guys? You don’t have to leave the talking only to him. Keep conversations going and fun.

     8.     Don’t be over-demanding. Learn to be independent, financially and emotionally. Most guys don’t like girls that excessively demand for things.

     9.     Practice forgiveness. Don’t hold grudges for so long. Remember that no one is above mistakes.

    10.  Listen to him. Be sympathetic about his problems. Offer him good advices and offer him help in any way you can.

    11.  Show lots of affection. The best relationships use affection to show love. We should stop banking on the common belief that our partners should know that we love them even when we don’t show it.

    12.   Don’t ever hide anything from himmost especially your feelings.

a couple
    13.   Devote enough time to him. Spend “quality” time with him, not “quantity” time. Make sure you enjoy each other’s company.

    14.   Encourage him towards work and study. Offer him support in any way you can. It will make him know that he can count on you for support.

    15.    Never, I repeat never! Never try to make him hate on other girls by saying nasty things about them, just for him to see the good in you. That’s a bitchy attitude! And guys notice this attitude fast even if they might not tell you.

    16.   Admit your mistakes, be humble, and apologize sincerely whenever you’ve done something that hurt him – intentionally or not. Also, change those behaviors that he complains of.

    17.   Be nice. Show appreciation for every single thing he does no matter how little it appears to be.

    18.   Be kind! Practice kindness, tolerance too.

    19.  Practice sweet talking. A simple “Good morning, handsome!” or “I miss you babe!” would be an amazing start to his day. πŸ˜‰

    20.   Finally, Take responsibility for your own happiness. πŸ˜ŠYou don’t have to depend completely on your boyfriend for your happiness. Your partner should at least try to make you happy, but he shouldn’t have control over your happiness.


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