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Monday, 7 August 2017


a baker baking
Here are 12 very important baking tips for bakers.

Some bakers forget these simple things, and they end up not producing the best output possible. So if you are a baker and
you're reading this, you should consider yourself lucky if you ignored any of these tips - whether you're an amateur, or a professional baker. These master simple yet important tips will help your baking experience successful always.

    1.   Take your work very seriously, to reduce the risk of running into losses.

    2.   Start your work early. Don’t wait till the last minute. This will help you to remain organized, (and punctual for deliveries)

    3.  Understand that Baking is not easy work, and needs long hours of dedication and hard work. So while others play, you work.

    4.   Ensure that all your tools, ingredients, and all materials you will need are bought and already in a place you can easily get it out from without forgetting. Double-check that you’ve got all you need before you proceed into the baking. You know how bad it feels that while in the middle of your work, you suddenly discover that a crucial ingredient or tool is missing.

    5.   Check the labels of every product you want to use before baking for their expiry dates. Most ingredients and spices loses their quality after a specific period of time.

    6.    Be careful while substituting ingredients from the original recipe, to prevent making mistakes that will be so obvious in the end result.

    7.   If you’re baking from a recipe, read it completely and be sure to understand all the procedures completely. Get very familiar with your recipe before you proceed into baking.

    8.   Sift dry ingredients properly before use. This prevents the risk of having lumps in the end result, and also improves its overall texture.

    9.  Crack your eggs into a separate bowl, to avoid the risk of adding rotten eggs or eggshell shards to your batter.

    10.  Get into the habit of pre-heating the oven before putting your pan into it.

    11.   Oil or apply butter on your baking pan to aid easy removal of the product after baking.

    12.   Set a timer with a loud alarm immediately you put the pan in the oven, to prevent the risk of burning your hard-earned work. You might not be accurate enough in keeping track of time within your own mind.

baking tips for bakers

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