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Friday, 18 August 2017


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Do you find yourself constantly having heartbreaks? Have you had a recent break up? Do you wonder why that relationship isn’t working?
Here are important tips that I feel you should have in mind.

1. Don’t just jump into relationships carelessly, else you might soon find yourself jumping out of it. Know what you want and why.

2. Never settle for the less. Because you’ve been single for so long and you feel a little worried, doesn’t mean you should settle for the next available suitor because he might not be the right guy for you. Trust me, being single is more reasonable than stressing yourself in a wrong relationship. You should wait for your Mr Right.

3. Learn from your past. This is very crucial. You shouldn’t go through the same kind of issue(s) you had in your past relationships(s). Take some to understand why the last relationship didn’t work before you wade into another one. Understand yourself; know what you want from a guy, as well as knowing what is good and bad for you.

4. Take responsibility for your own happiness. You don’t have to depend on any guy for your joy or happiness. Your partner should at least try to make you happy, but he shouldn’t have control over your happiness. You are responsible for your own happiness.

5. You should know that you’re awesome! Yes, you are in one way or the other. So, show enough confidence and grace during interactions with guys.

6. No matter what you go through in your personal life, you shouldn’t always appear pitiful. He will soon get tired of you if most of what you do is complain.

7. Be independent as you can be. Be capable of maintaining and taking care of yourself as a female. This will even give you more respect. Also, don’t be over-demanding from any guy. Most guys don’t like girls that excessively demand for things.

8. Maintain your own identity. Because you met an awesome guy and you don’t want to lose him doesn’t mean you should drop off your entire former life just to impress him and keep him. Maintain your sense of self, friendships, and passions.

9. Speak up and keep the conversation going. What rule states that the guys have to do most of the talking? Don’t leave the talking only to him; else he might get bored of you. Also, don’t forget to keep the conversation light but fun, especially on dates.

10. Be humble. Don’t act proud in any way or you will scare many guys away from you. Also, don’t find it hard to apologize. A simple “I’m Sorry” can go a long way in boosting your relationship.

I hope this helps…

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