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Monday, 7 August 2017


advantages of being very tall

You should read this post…especially if you’re very tall.

 Do  you  ever  bother  about  being  the  tallest  among  your  peers? 
 Do  you  ever  look  at  yourself,  and  you’re  like: “Jeez,  I’m  just  too  tall!”
…or  any  of  such  statements  pertaining  to  your  height?
Well,  you  should  be  proud  of  the  height… because almost everyone is jealous of you (you know?) and of course, there  are  several  advantages  of  being  tall.  

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This post highlights 10 advantages of being a very tall girl. Read on…

     1.  You are a model material. Have you ever considered that? Modeling is absolutely awesome! And most people prefer tall girls for models. So, you can even start considering it for a career. If you’re tall, then you’re good to go!

     2.   You naturally have poise. You appear balanced. Tall girls will find it easier to walk with confidence and grace.

      3.  You’re perfect for playing sports like Basketball and Volleyball.  Some sports require a tall height. So, you can join a team and start playing! It can also be made a career.

     4.   You don’t need heels to appear tall. Most short girls wear heels just to appear tall. And you’ve got it naturally, so no need to bother. Isn’t that cool?

     5.  Tall girls always appear stunning! You can rock clothes like Gowns even better than the other girls, if only you wear it right. That’s an extra advantage to you!

      6.   You don’t need a ladder to get stuff above. Short girls have to go through   stress of looking for a ladder or something else to reach for something above, while you can easily get it just by stretching your hands.

      7.   You are less prone to bullying. You’re like a giant to them. So, nobody will want to try nonsense with you. The 'smallies' are usually the ones bullied, you know?

      8.   You rarely have to bother about not being noticed. Yes, the height gives you that lift.

      9.  You cover more distance when walking because of your long legs. When you’re in a hurry, your long legs will help.

      10.  Also, tall girls often have the ability to run faster than the short girls, obviously, because of the longer legs. Such an added advantage! So, you can consider being an athlete.

   11. Most importantly, tall girls are CLASSY! Everyone gets jealous of that height you've got. 😉

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