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Monday, 15 January 2018

January 15, 2018

Marley Dias, the 13-year-old founder of #1000BlackGirlBooks and the youngest member on Forbes’ 30 under 30 list for 2018!

marley dias

1000blackgirlbooks by marley dias

    Marley Dias is a young activist and feminist who launched the #1000BlackGirlBooks when she was in sixth grade, a campaign set out to donate 1,000 books that feature black girls as main characters in 2015. Since then, she has collected over 11,000 books! She is an editor of the #MarleyMag. She also became an author, as well as the youngest person on Forbes’ 30 under 30 list for its 2018 class. Her own book (MARLEY DIAS GETS IT DONE: AND SO YOU CAN) will be published in this year 2018, in a few weeks from the date of publishing of this post to be precise! At  12 years old, she already signed a deal with Scholastic to publish her own book about social justice and activism.


Marley’s work has led her to many places, including the White house, where she spoke at the United State of Women Summit alongside Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey. She has also been featured on the WS Chronicle Newspaper and The InStyle Magazine which says “This Girl Could Be President in 30 Years!”
marley dias and ava duvernay

    Marley has met her goal and beyond. She has become a great role model for children and even adults. We are soooo inspired by this young girl, Marley Dias; and we are so proud of her! 

marley dias on fox news
Marley Dias on Fox News

Sunday, 14 January 2018

January 14, 2018


Do you know that tomatoes contain lycopene in high levels that has very good skincare benefits? Tomatoes also contain Vitamin A, C and antioxidants.

Tomatoes are capable of curbing wrinkles, brightening your skin, getting rid of tomatoes and acne. Isn’t that interesting? In fact, you can address almost all your skin-care and facial issues to tomatoes! Yes…you saw that right! Tomato is one of the most cost-effective DIY beauty and skin-care natural product and remedy. So this means that there’s actually no need to spend your money on skincare products when there’s a natural, cheaper and easy way to make your skin smoother and more radiant and shiny! All you just need do is pick up a few tomatoes from your veggie basket and you’re good to go!

Here, I’m going to share with you how to make an effective tomato face mask/scrub. Enjoy!



I personally use this face scrub and I’ve been seeing amazing positive results! So I recommend this one as it acts as a natural exfoliator for your face and helps remove dead skin cells, hence making your skin glow!

Procedure: You need tomato and sugar. First of all, wash your face with soap and clean water, then dry. After this, slice a fresh tomato into two parts. Put about 2 spoons of sugar into a small bowl, and dip one half of the sliced tomato into the sugar for about a minute so that the sugar will be stuck on the tomato. Now, take the slice out and gently massage your face or neck or wherever you want. Leave on for about 10 minutes then rinse off with cool water.

Easy wasn’t it? Repeat this procedure at least twice a week for about 3 weeks for best results.


If you don’t want that oily skin anymore, then here’s a pack for you!

Procedure: You would need tomato and cucumber. Add 2 tablespoons of tomato juice to 2 tablespoons of cucumber. Mix them thoroughly together and apply on your face with a cotton wool. Allow it to dry and leave on for about 10 minutes, then rinse off with cool water.

Another easy one! Repeat this procedure at least twice a week for about 3 weeks for best results.


If you suffer open pores on your skin that makes it accumulate dust and blackheads, then this tomato and lemon pack is the ideal treatment for you.

Procedure: Mix 2 teaspoons of tomato juice and lemon juice. Now dip a cotton into the mixture and gently apply on the affected areas. Leave it to dry then rinse it with cool water after about 15 minutes.

If you do this thrice a week for at least a whole month, believe me you won’t have open pores on your face again!


For a naturally glowing skin (without need for buying skincare products which may contain certain chemicals that are not really good for the skin), use this natural skin pack. This would not only make your skin smooth, but would keep your skin brighter and clearer!

Procedure: Blend a few pieces of tomatoes and mix 2 tablespoons of the tomato juice and 2 tablespoons of honey. Mix them thoroughly and apply the mixture on your face for about 10 minutes before rinsing off with cool water.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

January 09, 2018


If there's one top you need to own ASAP, it's the off-the-shoulder top 'cos it literally looks good on everyone!

Searching for off-shoulder outfit ideas? I've gathered 10 awwwwmazing off-the-shoulder outfit ideas just for you! Feel free to check 'em out!

And the #1 on our list, which I so muccch love, and I know you will also love is this beautiful off-the-shoulder dress.Why I love it? It looks so feminine and retro! 😍 What do you think about it?


#2 is sooo cute! You can rock a black off-the-shoulder dress with a colored bag for fun!😉


#3 on our list is a simple, yet classy and beautiful off-shoulder top







This look is chic!

We can call this simple, yet beautiful! 😍



off the shoulder outfit ideas by GirlieFix Blog
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Saturday, 6 January 2018

January 06, 2018


Two Indian teenage girls were assaulted by a group of young men in Mangalore, India allegedly because the girls met up with Muslim boys... says a report in the BBC. 

A video showing four men, with one of them assaulting the students, was shared on social media on Tuesday. The video also shows a policeman trying to stop the men.
After being shared widely on social media, the video instigated outrage about the "moral-policing" culture in India, which has become more prevalent in the conservative country in recent years.

According to a report in The Times of India, the girls' attackers claim to be members of the right-wing Hindu organization Bajrang Dal, a militant youth group.

An article in the Hindustan Times reported that according to local police, "the girls, a Hindu and Christian, had gone with their Muslim friends to the zoo to celebrate a birthday when they were assaulted around 11 am."
The article also stated that police arrested three individuals for the attack. Local police reported that the teenagers all attend the same secondary school in Mangalore, India.

"The youngsters studying at a Pre-University (PU) college in Talipady (about 23km south of Mangaluru) are said to have been attacked for meeting their male friends, who are Muslims. We are carrying out an inquiry into the incident," Suresh added

"We have arrested two men who were assaulting two young students at Pilikula (northeastern part of Mangaluru). The men claim to be members of Hindu organisation Bajrang Dal," Mangaluru Police Commissioner T.R. Suresh told IANS.

The police have registered a First Information Report under sections 506 (punishment for criminal intimidation), 342 (punishment for wrongful confinement) and 355 (assault or criminal force with intent to dishonour a person).


Thursday, 2 November 2017

November 02, 2017


Within your mind, rate your relationship with your sibling(s) on a scale of 1 to 5; 1 being “distant” and 5 being “close”.

     Some siblings are very close. Is that your case with your sibling(s)? Yes? Oh very good! You get along super well, you never fight? Sweet!
     But some siblings aren’t even close at all. Is that your own case? Yes? You guys have a relationship were you fight over almost everything no matter how trivial the subject is. He/she gets on your nerves so often? Don’t feel bad. It is very common among siblings.
arguing siblings
Alice says about her elder brother William: “He barges into my room anyhow and ‘borrows’ things without asking. He is so annoying!”
Before I fully analyze this issue, first think about the conflicts you’ve had with your sibling. What do you fight the most about? Possessions? Privacy? Or personality clashes? (For instance, he/she is selfish.) or any other reason???  It might also be that your sibling constantly annoys you by bossing around you or invading your space.

     1.    The first step is to identify the real issue and its cause!

arguing siblings
The clashes between you and your sibling may have started from a very little thing which could have been easily settled, but because you and/or your sibling has an irritation about the other or holds grudges against the other within his/her mind, it lead to an ugly outburst – more serious than it could have been. Do you understand that? Try re-reading it again, this time slower.
My point is that there is always an underlying issue behind every clash you have with your sibling(s). For instance, your reactions to someone who you’re in good terms with and someone you’re in bad terms with when she steps on your feet are totally different. Now you fully understand what I mean!
“Problems between siblings are like pimples – to fix them you need to treat the underlying cause, not just attack the symptom.”
Learn to identify the underlying issue to prevent clashes with your siblings. Get to the root of the issue and deal with it to prevent further clashes.
As Alice said about her brother earlier who barges into her room and “borrows” things without asking. Analyzing this; the incident is that her brother barges into her room and “borrows” things without her permission.  But the real issue is related to Respect. How should she deal with this issue properly? – If only she could peacefully convince William to respect her privacy and her properties, then there’s a high possibility that he would understand how she feels about it and also change his ways. This approach would also greatly improve their relationship.

    2.    See if together you can work out some rules that you both agree to about that underlying issue.

For example, if you clash over possessions,
Rule 1 could be “Always ask before taking an item that belongs to someone else.”
Rule 2 could be “Respect a sibling’s right to say, ‘No, you can’t use that item.’ ”
Remember: “All things, therefore, that you want men to do to you, you also must do likewise to them” – Matt. 7:12
That way, you will make rules that both you and your siblings can live by.

    3.    Don’t be quick to take offense.

Yes, your siblings will do or say things that upset you. But ask yourself, “Have I done something similar to them in the past?”  If you are the type that easily gets offended, you will find yourself constantly having quarrels with your siblings.

    4.    Forgive and Forget.

Though serious problems need to be discussed and resolved, the truth is that you don’t always need to call your sibling to account for every mistake he/she makes. Learn to forgive and forget easily!

    5.    Appreciate your sibling’s good qualities.

Rather than obsess about your sibling’s faults, why not find an opportunity to tell them what you admire about them? See their good qualities and if you do so, your siblings are likely to become less irritating to you. And you may even annoy them less!

Without my siblings, most of my best memories wouldn’t have ever happened.
To those who have siblings, I would say, ‘Don’t take them for granted!’ 😊

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Monday, 23 October 2017

October 23, 2017


young looking lady

       There are plenty simple and natural ways to look younger, that doesn’t involve you wasting money on creams, or having surgical operations. Here are 16 of them:
1. Watch your diet - What you put inside your body reflects on the outside. Having a younger look starts with good health and eating what is appropriate for your body.
Drink lots of water – it is the most natural, cheapest and in fact, the best way to keep you looking fresher and younger.
Greatly reduce or completely eliminate sugar and refined carbohydrates. Nothing ages the skin like sugar does. Do you know that it can also be the cause of wrinkles? Opt in for whole grains.
Eat lots of veggies – it has lots of benefits aside improving your health and keeping your skin fresh. Click here to read the amazing benefits of vegetables.
Eat more fresh fruits. Fruits are filled anti-oxidants and nutrients that are essential to a beautiful and younger-looking skin. Click here to read the amazing benefits of fruits.

2. Watch your lifestyle - a younger look also has so much to do with living a healthy lifestyle
Regular exercise – exercising regularly will improve the look of your body by keeping you strong, burning excess fat, improving posture, and especially improving skin appearance. There are many activities and exercises that are even fun. To feel younger and look younger, you have to exercise regularly as it is the most important factor in looking younger.

3. Your hair – Don’t cut your hair too short and also, wear hair that suits your face. Some ladies put on hairs that make them look so much older than their age!

look young and beautiful
4. Apply some make-up. There’s nothing wrong in applying some make-up on your face. But before you apply make-up, use moisturizer and/or makeup primer to keep your makeup on top of your skin rather than allowing it to settle into your pores.

5. Don’t wear a lot of makeup and don’t wear it everyday you will stay younger-looking if you use makeup sparingly. Your skin needs to breathe and makeup is full  of synthetic chemicals.

6. Make sure you remove your makeup every night before going to bed. If you leave your makeup on overnight, all the pollutants your face had attracted during the course of the day will stay on your skin and cause so much damage!

7. Feel free to use natural beauty products, such as olive oil, coconut oil, etc. they are great moisturizers, cleansers and also useful for all-round beauty.

8. Moisturize your entire skin daily, don’t forget your neck and your chest. This will help your skin look fresh and younger.

9. Treat blemishes and brown skin spots. You can easily treat them with some lemon juice diluted in water. Click here to read how to do deal with pimples and black spots.

10. Wear only clothes that fit you. Trying to hide fat by wearing baggy clothes will only make you look worse – larger and lazy. Don’t also put on clothes that are too tight, it could make you look like one desperate for attention. 

11. Put on a properly fitting bra. Put on that which is the proper size for you, it will make you look younger! 

12. Smile wide and be happy! You look younger than you really are when you put on a genuine smile. Stay positive.

13. Keep your eyebrows well-groomed and well-shaped. If your eye-brows are the wrong shape and untrimmed, then they can actually make you look sad, as well as older. Also, don’t overpluck your eyebrows. Simply give it a nice shape and fill in sparse areas.

14. Adequate Sleep & Rest. Lack of enough sleep can speed up the ageing process. Be sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.

15. Get plenty of vitamin C - As stated earlier, eat lots of fruits such as oranges.

How to look younger than your age

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October 23, 2017


      As one reaches the stage of puberty, sexual desires become stronger. As a result, one might be tempted to masturbate. 
*Don’t confuse masturbation with involuntary sexual arousal.* For example; some girls might find that they are stimulated unintentionally, particularly just before or after their menstrual period. In contrast, masturbation involves deliberate sexual stimulation.

    Many would say that masturbation isn’t a big deal. “No one gets hurt…” they argue. However, there are good reasons to avoid the practice. 

Here are six (6) facts you need to know about masturbation:
1. Masturbation doesn’t deaden sexual appetite but fuels it!
2. Masturbation instills attitudes that are totally self-centered!
3. Masturbation causes one to view those of the opposite sex as mere tools just for sexual pleasure.
4. Masturbation can make you ‘a slave’ to various unhealthy desires and pleasures.  
5. In the long run, masturbation can make satisfying sexual relations in marriage very difficult to achieve! 
Masturbation is bad! It is a sin to God

  • What you are to do – STRIVE TO CULTIVATE SELF-CONTROL!

To do this, I recommend that you try as much as possible to avoid circumstances that can arouse you sexually in the first place.

  • What if you’ve been enslaved to the habit of masturbation? What if you’ve tried to stop but without success?

It would be easy to conclude that you’re a lost cause. I advice you take courage. Don’t be hopeless. Don’t plague yourself with guilt and don’t be discouraged. Many young people and even adults have successfully overcome the habit of masturbation. You can too! I advise you to strive harder to avoid circumstances that can arouse you sexually and make you want to masturbate. In addition to this, pray to God for help. He will give you the strength and all the help you need to stay away from masturbation.
Resist the urge and don’t give up on your fight!


1. Do you watch movies/TV programs or visit websites that are sexually stimulating? 
You know the answer already. If your conscience tells you it is a ‘yes’ to this question, then I strongly recommend that you analyze how you entertain yourself and FLEE from them! Yes that’s right, don’t just avoid – flee from them! 
If you have sexually stimulating videos or images on your phone, delete them! Never open a porn site. In short, avoid everything that arouses you sexually and can lead to masturbation.
Note: Only a real and strong girl/woman can display self-control even when in private.

2. Do you easily get bored and then get tempted to masturbate even after trying to stop the act?
Yes? Then, this time, the best thing you should do is: STRONGLY FOCUS YOUR MIND ON SOMETHING ELSE; like school, work, your bright future, your academics, your exams, or anything else that can’t arouse you sexually.
A Christian named William advises: “Before going to bed, read something related to spiritual things. It is very important that the last thought of the day be a spiritual one.”

3. Try talking to someone about the problem. Get a good confidant. Don’t be ashamed or shy. It might seem difficult to open up this matter to anyone, but trust me – it can really help to overcome this nasty habit of masturbation.

4. When the feeling/urge to masturbate starts coming, without any delay just start praying to God to give you “power beyond what is normal” to overcome the temptation. Don’t let it get strong before you pray! 
As I said earlier, God would give you the strength to overcome masturbation if only you open your mouth and pray for help.

GirlieFix Blog: Is masturbation bad?

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CONCLUSION: Masturbation is BAD!!!
October 23, 2017


     21-year-old Alexandra is the youngest billionaire in the world. She was born on 23 July 1997 in Oslo, Norway, where she was primarily raised. 

Alexandra Andreson
    This Norwegian heiress was ranked by Forbes in its 2016 ranking of the richest people on earth, and her net worth as at that year was $1.29 billion.

world's youngest billionaires, Alexandra Andreson and Katharina
Alexandra and Katharina

    Her elder sister, Katharina who is a year older than Alexandra also ranked 2nd youngest billionaire in the world. She’s also worth $1.2 billion. 

      In 2007 when Alexandra was 10, her father, Johan Andresen (Owner of Ferd AS) transferred 42.2% of the stock in Ferd to both sisters (even though their father insists that he won’t force any of his daughters to take part in the family company if they don’t want to.) The Andresen family made their money from their tobacco brand, Tiedemanns.

     But Alexandra isn’t just a rich kid. She is a three-time junior Norwegian dressage champion, as an already accomplished horse-rider, she has won multiple awards and honors in horse dressage competitions and hopes to make it to the 2020 Tokyo competition. She has also modeled several times for an Equestrian clothing company (KingsLand). 
     But while she is fully focused on her professional riding career for now, she has not ruled out taking her place in the family company eventually. In a post on Ferd’s website, she wrote “I feel a great responsibility. I want to help develop Ferd and make it even better.” 

     According to Forbes, Ferd started out in 1849 as a tobacco-making company before leaving the industry in 2005, when it sold its share for nearly US$500 million. It is now a holding company with diverse interests, which include real estate and fund.

Alexandra Andreson during a horse competition     Despite growing up with the knowledge of her great inheritance, she is very humble and wise in savings. She told Ferd’s corporate magazine that her parents always taught them to save pocket money and she only drove secondhand cars in her teenage years. She and her sister also attended a local state school in Oslo after returning from stints in British boarding schools. Apart from Alexandra’s horse-riding circuit, she lives a relatively low-key life.

     Alexandra also has a 24-year-old boyfriend though, Joachim Tollefson. But the love of her life is her horse riding which dominates her Instagram account (with over 66k followers) and all her other social-media activity.
Alexandra Andreson
Alexandra with her horse

      Alexandra’s and her sister’s wealth has become public only because Norway publishes the tax returns of any person over 17. 

On Forbe’s list, Alexandra ranks #1,678 billionaire in the world on the 1,810 strong list along with her sister, Katharina.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

October 18, 2017


     A young Nigerian girl, Slimzy jay (Real names: Jero Loveth) reportedly committed suicide some days ago by drinking sniper (a rat poison) after her boyfriend, Ro Se broke up with her. This sad news has really gone viral!
The young girl drank a rat poison after her boyfriend broke up with her
Slimzy jay(Jero Loveth)
     It was initially rumored that Slimzy allegedly discovered that she was pregnant, and told her boyfriend Ro Se who after that broke up with her; and because she couldn’t take the blame of being pregnant at her age, she committed suicide. 
     Another rumor later came up that she was faking her death to be famous as there were screenshots of a purported chat that shows her admitting to have faked it.
     Her sister, Jero Franca was later reached out to and she confirmed that Loveth actually committed suicide but it wasn’t because her boyfriend broke up with her. She took to her Facebook timeline that she committed suicide because she was “depressed and lonely.” She also debunked claims that she was pregnant before her death.
     She was eventually buried amidst tears by her friends and family members on October 14 2017 at Warri, Delta state, Nigeria. 
May her soul rest in peace.
15-year-old girl who committed suicide has been buried!
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Saturday, 14 October 2017

October 14, 2017


     SHOPRITE has become one of the biggest and most popular malls in Nigeria! Shoprite is a world acclaimed retail brand originating from South Africa.

shoprite mall nigeria

The company first began in December 2005 in Surulere, Nigeria. This company offers a wide variety of top quality products from all around the world, still fulfilling its promise as mentioned it is popular slogan “Lower Prices You Can Trust Always!”.
     As stated earlier, Shoprite offers a wide variety of good quality products for sale.

1. Hair and Beauty Products
2. Liquor and drinks
3. Ready-to-eat meals
shoprite mall nigeria
4. Tech Gadgets. Like smart phones, computers, headphones, and a lot more.
5. Snacks & Beverages
6. Groceries
7. Baked foods
8. Cinemas
9. Clothings, shoes, bags, and a lot more!
10. Accessories
10. Make-up tools
11. Fun centres
12. And a lot more! 😉
shoprite nigeria

    Shoprite has rapidly been extended to several other states in Nigeria, such as: Abuja state, Anambra state, Delta state, Enugu state, Kwara state, Kano state, Oyo state, Ondo state, Abia state, Lagos state, and some other states!

Focusing on Lagos state, here are the locations you can find Shoprite:

  • Ikeja City Mall 
Address: 5, Obafemi Awolowo Way, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos state.

  • Festival Mall 
Address: Off Festac link road, FESTAC, Amuwo-Odofin, Lagos State.

  • Cocoa Mall 
Address: Park lane, Apapa, Lagos state.

  • Palms Shopping Mall 
Address: Off Lekki Expressway Way, Beside British International School, Lagos state.

  • Leisure Mall 
Address: Adeniran Ogunsanya Street, Surulere, Lagos state

Thursday, 12 October 2017

October 12, 2017


     In a recent study, researchers found that patients of female surgeons tend to have lower death rates, fewer complications and lower re-admissions to the hospital a month after their procedure.

female make better surgeons
      The study involved all of the people in Ontario, Canada who had operations from 2007 to 2015, more than 104,000. They also matched the patients of each surgeon as much as possible to account for the fact that some surgeons might have had more difficult and complicated cases.  It was discovered that the Patients of female surgeons were 4% less likely to die.

     Another study researching female internists attributes similar results to the female doctors' ability to communicate and engage with their patients and their adeptness at collaborating with colleagues. The same factors possibly linked to female internists could also play a role among surgeons.
Also, generally only the best women at the craft become surgeons in the typically male-dominated field.

     Surgery has long been a male-dominated occupation: first because few women enrolled in medical school, and then because they weren't perceived (by male surgeons, no less) to have the temperament needed to make the life-and-death decisions required in an OR. But in the latest report, it turns out that the patients of female surgeons tend to have lower death rates, fewer complications and lower re-admissions to the hospital a month after their procedure, compared to the patients of male surgeons.

Source: Times(Health)
October 12, 2017


       Never let a man or a woman, your friends, anyone or anything pressurize you into pre-marital sex. Don’t say this is old-school, it absolutely isn’t!
Pre-marital sex itself is a sin – a sin against your own body, and a great sin unto God, the creator. 

 They might say sex is sweet; but I tell you and people have confirmed that sex is better enjoyed after marriage – mostly because you would have nothing to fear or worry about. In the case of pre-marital sex, you have a lot to worry about and most times you would want it to be kept a secret.

“What if we get caught?” “What if I get pregnant?” “What will my parents’ reaction be if they discover I had sex?” “Am I ready for pregnancies?” “What if he leaves me after I get pregnant?” “What if he has some sexually transmittable infections?” “What if… what if…?


You shouldn’t continue in a relationship with any guy that pressurizes you into pre-marital sex! Never! Please, stay chaste! If you’re already in a relationship, let your boyfriend know your standards and be sure to stick to it. Most young girls and young ladies who have engaged in pre-marital sex are now regretting – they might not show it; but the truth is that, deep down they are hurting.

sexual purity and chastity image
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      Waiting till marriage would even give you a sense of inner pride to your future in-laws, your husbands, and even other men! A lady’s virginity is her pride! Treat your body with respect and you’ll get your deserved respect from men. Imagine a scenario like this:
Jane dated Jeff for about 5 months, and during that period of their relationship, they engaged in series of pre-marital sex. They eventually had a breakup all because of trust issues. Good and fine – they used condoms and so Jane was lucky to escape getting pregnant. They broke up and also stopped talking to each other.
One day, Jane was having an argument with a guy and suddenly, he surprisingly tackled her by saying “You cheap whore, what do you know? You have slept with almost all the guys on campus including Jeff, isn’t that all you can do bitch?” – Meanwhile, Jeff was the only guy that she did it with.
 How did this guy know about it? Do you think any guy would keep such thing from his friends? Let me tell you something you might not know, most guys see sex as an achievement. Many of them would brag about the number of different girls they have had sex with and the type of hot, beautiful ladies they did it with and could even describe how it all happened to their friends.

      Don’t be deceived by his sweet words, don’t be deceived by empty promise(s)… many of them would even promise you marriage. If you give the opportunity to the wrong guy, he possibly would use it to take advantage of you.

 Know this: A Guy would do anything just to have sex with you – like saying sweet but deceitful words, spending a lot on you, visiting you regularly, regularly calling you, and you could mistake all this deceit for true love. 
Image result for sexual purity and chastity images      Hey girlie!, don’t be fooled. Sex doesn’t mean love! Tell him to wait till after marriage. Because love is patient, love would wait! And if he doesn’t respect your opinion and can’t wait, then the bitter truth is that he doesn’t truly love. If he truly loves you, he would wait till after marriage .  After all, I believe you aren’t dating for fun, but for something serious ahead (say marriage!) A real man that claims to love you would also respect your opinions. Does he love you because he really does and wants to keep you? Or he loves you just because you have an attractive body or face, or just because he wants something from you – your virginity?

This doesn’t clearly state that it is 100% wrong to have a boyfriend (though I believe you should wait till a stage you believe strongly that you’re now psychologically and emotionally mature enough for all the things attached to dating) But hold on, why are you dating? Do you have any reasons or you’re simply dating for the fun of it or because all your peers have boyfriends? Date with a purpose! Don’t date blindly!

You have a future ahead and a destiny to protect! Pre-marital sex has destroyed some destinies, ruining their bright futures. How can pre-marital sex ruin a girls’s future? – you may ask.
Here are stories that have actually occured:
Girl A:  She got pregnant. The guy denied the pregnancy and ran away! Out of guilt and fear of what her parents and what others would say, she committed suicide! – Extremely bad!
Girl B:  She got pregnant, while in school. She is from a christain home and her parent would never allow her have an abortion because it is a sin. She had to drop-out of school for over a year to cope with the pregnancy and to avoid public ridicule – She now has to repeat all the classes she missed during that time – such a delay!
Girl C:  She had pre-marital sex unknowing to her, the guy had AIDS, she contacted this deadly disease… Now she’s struggling with her health and well-being.
     Stand out! Just because it feels like almost half the whole world are involved in pre-marital sex, doesn’t mean you should join the world. I said earlier, many would eventually regret it! Shut your ears to what people say about you keeping your virginity. Let them make all the noise they want. You stay chaste and sexually pure till marriage; keep your virginity for the man for you.

       Also, don’t sell your body cheaply to any man. Your virginity is worth more than millions of dollars, it is more valuable to you than Gold or silver. Don’t be deceived when people say virginity is nothing but a word…there is much more to it. One’s virginity is worth a lot and should not just be given to just any man but the right one. Be wise and choose right!

      It might be a little challenging but it is not all that hard. It is very possible to stay sexually pure till marriage. If you’re determined to hold on, you can and you would sis! Of course, everyone would definitely experience the temptations of pre-marital sex. But yeah! You can overcome it if you are determined.

     Don’t think about what you will enjoy now and most likely suffer tomorrow, rather bear the ridicule from “so-called” friends today and enjoy the pride of a honorable tomorrow.
Beware: Friends who pressurize you or push you into pre-marital sex aren’t your true friends. Sad to say, but if you would want to remain sexually pure, you have to stay away from them and move on with new friendswho respect their virginity.
Ignore those who say being a virginity is old school. Don’t let them drag you into the same mess they’ve put theirselves into.

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    In conclusion, waiting till marriage, is one of the most rewarding thing a lady can ever do. Your man would respect you and honor you for your commitment into waiting. Be patient! Your man will come in due time – the one who would truly love you for you, the one who wouldn’t use and dump you is somewhere out there. But for now, you should focus more on your studies, focus on your career, and on your bright future.

October 12, 2017


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      So, you changed your school, And you’ve left all the friends you’ve made over the years. It seems scary, you’re scared you’ll have to start from the scratch to make new friends in this new school.
 Don’t worry, I’ve been through this kind of situation and so has several other people been. It may seem kinda hard at first, but trust me if you do the simple things right, you’ll move on well and make new friends.
      Many times, people are left with no choice than to “change” – change schools, probably because you’ve changed location and moved to a new city or even country. They say “Change is constant” I, personally, have encountered this issue of change in location – I moved over to an entirely different city where I knew nobody and everything seemed totally different there.
     Not to talk too much about me (winks*), I’ve worked out some tips for making friends. I applied this when I faced this issue and they worked! So I’m going to share them with you in this post:

1. Learn: It is very possible that the way some things were done in your former school would be different from the way they are done in your new school. I’ll say BE ATTENTIVE while you learn! Watch and learn during your first days/weeks in your new school. This will help you to adjust easily to the new system.

make new friends
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2. Talk to new people: When you first move to a new place, every new person you meet is a stranger. So definitely, if you want to make a new friend /friends, they first will be strangers. Most people are not comfortable with strangers – it’s a common thing. But in order to make new friends, you have to open up and talk. But you have to be a little cautious of who you are going to talk to – so you don’t make bad friends. Read this post on how to choose good friends. Some people may say “But I am not good at starting conversations.” That’s okay. But starting conversations isn’t all that hard as it may appear. All you have to do is practice. Yeah! You’re going to have to start practicing talking to strangers.

3. Be yourself: Nobody likes fake people. As soon as you get into school, be you! Let the new people you meet, like you for “you” – does that sink.LOL? You’ll definitely meet people that like that “you” Trying to be like someone else wouldn’t help because sooner or later, the real you would be forced out unconsciously, and people would be like “Could this really be you?.”  Don’t change your way of life for any reason. Let people like you for who you really are, don’t worry they’ll get used to you.

4. Be friendly and nice: Appear friendly – you can start by smiling genuinely. Keeping a long face or a frown would chase people from you because you don’t appear to be friendly. Also give compliments to your acquaintances. And, there’s nothing wrong in buying a drink or snack for your new friend during a lunch break – it’s one of the many ways that shows you’re a nice person. This would help in building solid relationships that will last.

5. Listen attentively to them: once you’ve met new people, listen properly to them. Grab the details about them – their names, their departments, their interests, their passions. People enjoy talking to people that want to listen to them, and of course show that you’re following the conversation.

make new friends
6. Get contact info from acquaintances: after you’ve started talking with that person, it is very useful to get their contact info so as to keep the communication and friendship going. You could say something like “hey do you use facebook, can I add you up?.” You can as well as ask for their telephone numbers, but beware some people may read meaning to that. But I think starting with the social media would be a plain and easier way to keep new friends, later you can get their telephone numbers.

7. Hang out: This is very important in making friends. You don’t have to lock yourself indoors all the time. There’s a school event happening soon in school? Turn up! It would be a great opportunity to meet new people. 

And most importantly,
8. Accept that you may be rejected by some: it happens a lot! You would meet someone or some people that just for no apparent reason want to be friends with you or even talk to you – don’t take this personally. Some people may have personal reasons for being unfriendly, what I’ll advice you to do is keep trying, not only with that one person but with different people. Everyone has the right to decide who she wants to talk to, you don’t have the right over anyone’s time. Remember that not everyone is social (it’s a matter of choice). As  I stated earlier, just remain nice and friendlynand trust me very soon they’ll get to like you soon. Read this post to know how to make people like you.

make new friends from strangers
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